Just finished a great massage with Celestial Rain Massage. Feeling amazing!!
Christin Carter
Absolutely the best!!
Susan Petrie

 “Very nice! Haven’t used all the blends but the calm night and calm focus are amazing!” – Deviosa66 *aromatherapy*

“LOVE THEM!! I’m going to refill my little roller bottles when I run out. I suggest you purchase the roller bottles and this set so you can easily just refill it if you need more!! They have been working awesome for my son! I am absolutely going to get this collection for some fellow Autism parents I know! I know I certainly would love this as a gift!!”

Amanda Bright, Owner of Creative Printables *aromatherapy*

“I love them all but Rainstorm is my favorite. WOW!! I let my BFF try it and she also loved it…These will make great gifts around the holiday’s so I will be back for more!!

Amanda Bright, Owner of Creative Printables *aromatherapy*

I can’t wait for our next appointment!!!
Stacey Poindexter – Happy Customer

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