Stepping out…

I wasn’t sure who I was suppose to be at my age, over the side of thirty, but I always knew there was a writer in me. Not just a writer, but an adventurer, hero and a legend.

So, I wrote books. Plenty of books with characters that portrayed the qualities I wanted. (Sassy, smart and strong. Very strong. Sometimes with psychic abilities.) And as I have lived, worked, started a family, I created a file cabinet full of manuscripts and short stories. I was sitting on an arsenal of books.

Why not publish them? Why not put my passion out there for the world to see and judge?

There would be judgment. There’s always judgment. I was nervous. I wanted the world to read my work. I wanted to live my dream.

I didn’t even care if the dream made money. I had two jobs that paid the bills. I just wanted to enjoy living.

So I’m doing it now.

Stepping out on Faith.

God help me. Literally, help me…



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