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“Let’s Begin” ~ Snapped…

There had to be punishment.

One could not simply do what you did and go unscathed. No. There had to be retribution. And I’m here for it. Despite what has been said, revenge is definitely best served warm with tea. Maybe even a hearty meal.

But it must be served. In a manner so subtly perfect, that you won’t even realize it is being served at all. You’ll just feel the discomfort without knowing why. It will make you torn from within. Distraught and anguished.

I can’t wait to get started.

Life, relationships, Romance, Stories

“Snapped” ~ The Afterthoughts…

After everything, this is where I ended up? A shell? A weaker version of my greatness? A teary eyed doe in the headlights of a truck that will not stop?

For what?

A touch? A left over smile that wasn’t meant for me to begin with? Crumbs?

Am I no better than crumbs? Than lies so easily whispered in the throws of passion? Than the consolation prize?

I see. And you will see too. But when you do, you will have no idea what you’re looking at. And then you will be me.

I should have just eaten the cake…