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Under the Influence of X-Ta-C

Under the Influence Of X-Ta-C is a collection of short stories and poems that I wrote in my early to mid-twenties. The title was inspired by my best friends. In high school we had a singing group called X-Ta-C. We were going to be the next TLC!

And En Vogue, SWV, Jade, etc.

The girls, who grew into awesome women, have been a constant in my life. Which means they have inspired some of the most ridiculous, random thoughts I’ve ever had. And I thank them for it!

One section of the book was co-witten by Ladye Dempals and it is pure silly madness that probably only makes sense to us. And that section was specifically written for my girls of X-Ta-C.

There’s a lot of emotions and themes through out the collection. Some can easily get lost. (Good thing they’re only short stories) In my early 20s I had a lot going on.

A lot. Going. On.

But if you love to laugh and sometimes cry, take a peek at this collection of short stories and poems.

You can find Under the Influence of X-Ta-C on Pen name Krystle Nyte.










The Threshold Characteristic

Since I’ve been married, seven years, I have never been carried over the threshold. I have, in fact, only been carried over the threshold twice.

His name, well, we’ll just call him Locks. And Locks was an ex, not even a current boyfriend at the time. The circumstances of the first threshold crossing involved a night club, a shot of 151 and an empty stomach. I love to dance and in my younger days I went dancing alone without reservation.

That particular night I met the burning fire that was called 151. By the end of the night I couldn’t stand on my own. Locks was there with his cousin Kel and seeing the horrid state I was in opted to help me out. Locks was cool that way.

As he lifted my limp form in his arms and carried me more than a hundred feet across the parking lot to my car, Kel jokingly said “Now that’s love. Anybody else would have had to walk real slow to the car.”

I have never forgotten that comment. I probably never will. That comment reminds me that there are people who will help you without expectations.

And Locks didn’t stop there. He drove me home because I obviously couldn’t drive myself. And when we got to my house he carried me inside, upstairs to my room and put me to bed.

He also put a trashcan beside the bed in case I needed to vomit.

He sat with me for a moment, making sure I was okay, and then he left.

The second time I was carried over the threshold also involved Locks. I called him, said I would need a ride home after a surgery I was having and he said okay. He always came when I needed him.

It was like deja vu.

He drove me home, because I obviously couldn’t drive myself. And when we got to my house he carried me inside, walked to the den and put me on the couch. Then he sat beside me on the floor while I slept for a couple of hours. And then he left.

Many of the male characters in my books have what I call the “Threshold Characteristic”. They’re helpful without expecting something in return. It’s my favorite character to write because in this day and age people don’t seem to have it. If you can’t do something for them they’ll do absolutely nothing for you.

So if you know someone with the Threshold Characteristic, make sure you treat them good.