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“Do The Humpty Hump…” The Forbidden Saga

So, it was awkward.

Well maybe awkward doesn’t completely describe the entire experience, but it sure did start out that way.

For one, it began rather quickly. Hugging, kissing and then Connie was on her back with Nathan’s face between her thighs. Tasting and sucking until she was gasping for breath. She didn’t know how to respond! No idea how to touch him! So she closed her eyes and writhed beneath his mastery.

But let’s back up…

When Nathan undressed and revealed a toned, muscular body, Connie panicked. She wasn’t obese, but she was definitely not a small woman. With thick thighs, round hips and a four liter instead of a six-pack. She considered herself chubby. The way she dressed hid many flaws in her figure. While highlighting the positive attributes.

But when you’re naked and your stretch marks are showing, it could get in your head.

It got in Connie’s head.

She couldn’t relax. He looked at her and said he didn’t see anything wrong. But he wasn’t wearing his glasses, so how well could she trust his visual judgement?

Without 20/20 vision, he laid her down, kissed her all over and made love to her. It was intense, beautiful. She explored his gorgeous body with her hands. All she wanted to do was please him…

No turning back now.

Romance, Stories

“I Only Think Of You On Two Occasions. Day & Night…” The Forbidden Saga

Connie couldn’t stop thinking about Nathan.

About their sweet kiss. About the things he said he wanted to do to her. And everything she wanted to do to him.

Having tasted his lips, she knew there would be passion once they consummated their relationship. Every part of her being was vibrating with anticipation! It was all she could think about!

It was all she wanted. To simply be wrapped in his arms. One good time, so she could finally feel connected to someone again!

So, she thought about their kiss. thought about how nervous she was to initiate it. But how satisfied she was once she had.

They made plans to see each other again. This time in a more intimate setting. They would be able to work through their emotions by means of talking or making love.

Possibly both.

She hoped it would be both.

Every time she closed her eyes she thought about him.