“Change Maybe?” ~ Let’s Talk About It

It never occurred to me, that when I arrived at this point in my life, I would consider a career change. My thought was, why should I? I love what I do?

But what happens when what you love becomes taxing on your body?🤔

I have to rethink my whole exit plan now. And I wasn’t prepared for that this soon.

Such is life I suppose.

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“Snapped” ~ The Afterthoughts…

After everything, this is where I ended up? A shell? A weaker version of my greatness? A teary eyed doe in the headlights of a truck that will not stop?

For what?

A touch? A left over smile that wasn’t meant for me to begin with? Crumbs?

Am I no better than crumbs? Than lies so easily whispered in the throws of passion? Than the consolation prize?

I see. And you will see too. But when you do, you will have no idea what you’re looking at. And then you will be me.

I should have just eaten the cake…